RUŠ Method (RUŠ = Czech acronym for„Quick and Effective Change of Reality“) is a simple and practical method working with human subconscious. It helps to solve primary causes of your present problems – quickly, efficiently, immediately and permanently.


  • Any problems that may affect you whether physical, mental, emotional or social such  as physical illnesses and disorders, unpleasant bodily sensations, negative emotions,  social fears or phobias, relationship problems, addictions,  past traumas…

185138_412057498853578_882396112_nWHAT IS THE RESULT?

  • Happy and fulfilling life in all areas
  • Harmonious relationship with yourself, other people and „outer“ world
  • Inner Peace
  • Conscious life with acceptance of your own personal responsibility


Everything that we experience in the present,   has been somehow logically formed in the past. All our experience is recorded and stored in our memory. RUŠ Method Therapist leads the client by targeted questions to the primary causes of the current problems and helps to resolve them so that the problems cease to exist – completely and for good.


It is designed not only for therapists working with clients, but also for individuals working with themselves.  It is suitable for anyone determined to solve their problems and take responsibility for their own lives.


Generally a session lasts up to 3 hrs and costs 4.000 CZK /160  (led in English). It does not require any preparation, only your own free decision to live a happy life with no more problems. At the beginning we just target the most troublesome problem for you as a starting point for our work. I actively lead sessions in Czech, English and Latvian.


The RUŠ method is not a substitute for medical care or psychotherapeutic care, it is a form of personal development. In case of any doubt of session suitability in terms of your health, please consult it  with your therapist or doctor prior the session.

Jolana Nováková

tel.:  +420 608 320 743


Praha (Prague) 10, Czech Republic

In this video talks Karel Nejedlý – the author of the method – about the RUŠ Method (with English subtitles)

More info about RUŠ method you can find on the  official website.



I was born in 1973 in Prague. I graduated from Charles University and the London School of Economics. Initially I dealt with human rights protection for many years, as it was easier to blame others ouside for human suffering instead of looking within myself. Approximatelly 15 years ago I set out on a path of self-realization and spiritual seeking. However, only after the breakthrough experience about 10 years ago, I began to go through an intense transformation. On this path, where I went through the dark night of the soul for several years, I encountered and tried numerous techniques and processes. I also atended a number of courses and seminars, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. During this period I traveled a lot and lived in several countries such as Latvia, United Kingdom, Costa Rica and Portugal, as well. This long journey helped me to develop empathy and patience.

The most important realization was that everything I see outside is a reflection of myself. I also came to realization that there is noone „evil“ outside doing harm to me, instead the center of all I experinece wheter “bad” or “good” lies within myself. And therefore, I am the only one who can deal with it and change it. I decided to take responsibility for my life and finish once and for all the suffering that is nothing else than my mind programmed by past experience and unwillingness to accept life as it is. Slowly I began to restore trust in life, and I began to see the beauty in everyday moments. I became grateful for everything I was not previously able to see. I understood that everything we need to know is already within us, that noone else won´t do it instead of us. I also realized that the most important thing is to be ourselves and do what we really enjoy and brings us joy. It’s not about techniques, methods, teachers, gurus …. it is purely and simply about us and our feelings, about how much we allow ourselves to be happy and to open our hearts to life.

Among techniques and methods that helped me to realize it, I would name – trauma constellations, voice dialogue, dark therapy, shamanism, bioenergetic shaking meditation and the RUŠ Method. I also got inspiration from Eckhart Tolle, Osho, Mooji, equal inspiration and support I receive from my close friends and family. Since 2011 I actively deal with RUŠ Method both as a therapits and an assitant at the official courses. At present, I do therapeutic work and individual counseling, in my work I reflect all lessons learned on my path. Besides that, I love music, singing, playing guitar, spontaneous dancing, nature, traveling and animals.

Here you can see my curriculum vitae: CV Jolana Novakova